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limping n : disability of walking due to crippling of the legs or feet [syn: lameness, gimp, gimpiness, gameness, claudication]

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  1. present participle of limp

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A limp is a type of asymmetric abnormality of the gait. Limping may be caused by unequal leg lengths (short leg limp), experiencing pain when walking (antalgic limp, or trendelenburg gait), muscle weakness, disorders of proprioception, or stiffness of joints (in arthritis, for example).

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

ambling, bad, castrated, cautious, circumspect, claudicant, crawling, creeping, creeping like snail, crippled, deliberate, disabled, easy, emasculated, faltering, flagging, foot-dragging, game, gentle, gradual, halt, halting, hamstrung, handicapped, hobbled, hobbling, idle, incapacitated, indolent, lame, languid, languorous, lazy, leisurely, lumbering, maimed, moderate, poking, poky, relaxed, reluctant, sauntering, shuffling, slack, slothful, slow, slow as death, slow as molasses, slow as slow, slow-crawling, slow-foot, slow-going, slow-legged, slow-moving, slow-paced, slow-poky, slow-running, slow-sailing, slow-stepped, sluggish, snail-paced, snaillike, spavined, staggering, strolling, tentative, toddling, tortoiselike, tottering, trudging, turtlelike, unhurried, waddling
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